Apostolic Man

J.B. Sims - Men's Ministry Director


Thank you for taking the time to visit Alabama District Apostolic Man.  As you are aware the greatest untapped source of fresh anointing, is right now lying dormant in the many men that sit in church pews on a regular basis.  This ministry is designed to help you connect that certain man to the place in the church body where he is destined to make a difference.

We offer many opportunities with this ministry to get those men involved.  May I tell you, they are looking and yes even needing a place in the body where they can connect?  We have an annual Men’s Conference where your men can receive inspiration, instruction and the spiritual strength needed to help better assist their home churches.  We have “Rapid Response” teams that are standing ready to help with the different natural disasters which often strike without much notice here in the deep south.  We also have “Church-In-A-Day” teams which help build and establish new home mission churches in our district.  In the near future we plan to send teams into foreign fields of harvest to build and assist those missionaries in reaching their world for the Kingdom of Christ.

Again, thank you for perusing our site.  Please take a moment now to say a prayer for this ministry; we have much work to do and the time is short.

For The Kingdom Of Christ
J. B. Sims